Website SEO - built-in SEO feature in SHOPOLAR

Published at 2018-04-25 Written by Allen

In the context of the website SEO, how to optimize the content of the web page is a very important operation. At present, experienced content creators not only focus on creating content, but also understand SEO writing skills, that is, by properly arranging focus keywords, the search engine can understand the focus of web content. Since the main function of the search engine is to present the most relevant web page to the search user, optimizing the page content can naturally improve the search ranking of the web page.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

To simplify SEO operation of the website, SHOPOLAR has released a built-in SEO system which analyze page content according to the focus keyword input by the user. The system will then automatically provide SEO suggestions for improving the page content, thereby improving the search ranking of the webpage. Before using the new SEO feature, users must understand how to choose the correct focus keyword.

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