O2O: Why do you need an online store for your local business?

Published at 2018-04-08 Written by Allen

Recently, our team visited numerous store owners in different Hong Kong districts and found that many of them have similar questions about running an online store. The most basic question is, why do you need an online store? An online store does not only increase your revenue by offering a new sales channel, it also help you to build brand image through online presence. An online store system also helps you to manage your retail business in aspects such as order management and inventory control.

What is O2O?

The retail industry has been constantly changing and now all retailers are seeking for O2O. O2O does not only means Online-to-offline but also offline-to-online. The concept of O2O does not encourage separation of online and offline stores but instead requires integration of both. For instance, store owners should promote their online store in local store and vice versa. 

An online store: more than enhancing online presence

Many merchants runs their brand account in social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. However, merchants generally use social platforms as promotional tools but they don't know much about the characteristics of their fans. For example, how many fans are convertible consumers? What products have they bought? These information can help the store owner to think about how many potential customers are on the platform, how to make promotional offers, whether customers have online shopping needs, and so on. If you can lead potential customers on the social platforms to your online store and register as a member, the store owner can gather more useful information.

A 24-hour shop

Running an online store is similar to a physical store in a way that requires time and resources to promote it. Compared to physical stores, online stores has no limitation on business hours nor physical locations. Online stores are not only an online sales channel but also effectively enhance your brand's online presence.

Integrated management to improve operational efficiency

Many merchants run their retail business on different non-eCommerce platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat, this can easily cause confusion such as missed orders. An online store system, as an integrated tool, it allows merchants to manage products, orders, inventory, logistics, payment, and promotions efficiently.

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