SEO tutorial: how to choose a focus keyword for your webpage

Published at 2018-04-28 Written by Allen

SHOPOLAR has a built-in search engine optimization feature. It evaluates page content based on a focus keyword input by the user, thereby providing SEO suggestions for improving the search ranking of the webpage. Before using the search optimization feature, users must understand how to choose the correct focus keyword.

What is a focus keyword?

A focus keyword of a webpage refers to a keyword or key phrase that has the highest relevance to the page content, and you want others to find your webpage in the search results when searching for the keyword. For example, if you sell dog food of Canagan, you can create a product category and use "Canagan Dog Food" as the focus keyword of the category.

Select a keyword people often search for

As aforementioned, you want people to find your website when they search for the focus keyword, therefore the first criteria for choosing a focus keyword is people often search for that word. The easiest way to find out what words or phrases people search for is to search on Google and look at the suggestions from Google.

Google search suggestions (below)

Before using Google search suggestions as the focus keyword, remember that search suggestions will change over time. Search engines will also adjust search suggestions based on your previous search records. If you don't want to influence search suggestions because of past search behavior, you should search with the incognito window offered by your browser.

Identify search volume and competitiveness of potential keywords

If you've found some of potential keywords, you'll need to identify their search volume and search competitiveness and select the one with high search volume and low competitiveness as the focus keyword. You can use the Keyword Planner in your Google Adwords account to find search volume, competitiveness and suggested bid price of keywords. In general, the more expensive the bidding price is, the higher the competition, the higher the value of the keyword, and the more often it is used for search optimization. If you use these popular keywords to optimize, it is more difficult to squeeze into the first page of search results.

Google Keyword Planning Tool Keyword Planner (below)

Content fulfilling the expectation of search users

The main function of a search engine is to find the most relevant web pages to the search users, so the web pages in the search results must meet the user's expectations. You can search for the focus keyword you want to use on Google and look at the content of the first page of the search results to see if the search results match the page you want to optimize.

More tips:

  • Avoid using the same focus keyword in different pages
  • Find "long tail keyword" or short sentence