SHOPOLAR vs Wix: Which free website builder is more suitable for you?

Published at 2020-03-11 Written by Allen

Nowadays you can easily set up a website without any IT knowledge,  there are many website builders such as Wix and SHOPOLAR. If you want to set up a shopping website, which platform is more suitable for you?

Introduction of Wix and SHOPOLAR

Wix is ​​a company from Israel and its customer service is mainly in English. SHOPOLAR is operated by a Hong Kong company and supports both Chinese and English. Wix provides a decent web builder with basic eCommerce functions. SHOPOLAR is an eCommerce solution dedicated for Hong Kong merchants. Users can create their official shopping websites in SHOPOLAR.

Pricing comparison between Wix and SHOPOLAR

From Wix's pricing page (see below), if you want to create a non-eCommerce website without advertising, the minimum monthly fee is $8.5 ($102/year, about HKD$800), while the eCommerce website requires a monthly fee of $16.5 USD ($198 USD/year, approximately HKD$1,550). With reference to SHOPOLAR's pricing, the most affordable option is to use a basic plan with an annual fee of HKD$3,488. Although SHOPOLAR has a higher subscription price but the items included in basic subscription brings more benefits to Hong Kong retailers.

Pricing of Wix:

Storage and bandwidth comparison Wix and SHOPOLAR

As we can see from the pricing page, all Wix subscriptions have storage limits and SHOPOLAR's advanced and professional subscription have no storage and bandwidth restrictions.

Web design comparison between Wix and SHOPOLAR

Wix user with free subscription can pick their web design from 6 templates. SHOPOLAR users can customize the layout and color theme of their website and create responsive webpages that supports both mobile devices and computer.

Wix Free Edition offers 6 templates:

The UI of SHOPOLAR's webpage editor of SHOPOLAR:

Wix vs SHOPOLAR - Which one is more suitable for Hong Kong merchants?

Both SHOPOLAR and Wix have eCommerce features such as product management, membership, online payment and various marketing tools. However, SHOPOLAR is more suitable for Hong Kong users than Wix. For example, in terms of logistics, SHOPOLAR supports SF's self pickup location, Alfred lockers, PayPal, Stripe, PayMe, WeChat payment, Alipay and so on. In addition, the admin panel of SHOPOLAR support both Chinese and English while Wix only supports English.

SHOPOLAR supports SF self pickup locations:

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