Starting your online business using a free DIY online store platform

Published at 2020-02-11 Written by Allen

As the online shopping market is booming, there are increasing number of new businesses selling goods online. Even if they do not have rental pressure, starting a new businesses is still a high risk investment. Therefore, when choosing an online sales channel, we should target one with lowest cost and one that can both bring sales and accumulate loyal customers. So, the question is should you open an online store in online marketplace or setting up your own eCommerce website through a free online store platform?

Online Marketplace

There are many popular online marketplace such as Yahoo Auction, Carousell, eBay, Amazon, etc. I am not sure if you have found out that Facebook, a popular social platform for Hong Kong people, also has an online marketplace. Currently, Facebook (Hong Kong) has not yet release payment function. In addition, although Instagram does not have a built-in marketplace, there are countless "IG stores" existing in the platform. Consumers search for products through hashtags which makes the platform similar to an online marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace (below)

Instagram Hashtag (below)

The advantage of using an online marketplace is having free organic traffic, however it is difficult for consumers to remember your brand. With online marketplace, users tend to search and compare products for different sellers. If the products you sell are not unique, your customers do not have a strong reason to come back for another purchase. Online marketplace can bring you sales, but you will find it difficult to accumulate loyal customers.

Free online store platform

By setting up a website using a DIY online store platform, you can build up your brand image and accumulate loyal customers, however you must spend more effort to drive traffics to your website. SHOPOLAR offers 30 days free trial online store service. You can create your eCommerce website at SHOPOLAR to manage products, inventory, logistics and orders, setting up marketing promotion with product discounts and reward points, accumulating customers through the membership system. If you are looking for an online store platform, try SHOPOLAR now.